Supercharge your SaaS product with lightning-fast native integrations. Accelerate your customer’s success with seamless connectivity.

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Build Integrations 10x time faster

Whether it’s connecting APIs, incorporating third-party services or integrating software tools, Geekfactory has the know-how to make it happen. We’ll work closely to understand your unique needs and provide custom integration solutions to your product.


Accelerate your Integration Delivery

Accelerate your Integration Delivery

Integrate with ease & ensure faster time to market.

Save cost on Development

Save cost on Development

Cut needless expenses and maximize your ROI.

Maximise your Revenue

Maximise your Revenue

Drive revenue by leveraging customer experiences. 

Affordable Pricing Assured Results

Affordable Pricing Assured Results

Deliver value with cost-effective solutions.



Our Implementation capabilities offer solution to both existing workflows and future requirements.

Gap Analysis

Finding shortcomings and inconsistencies in business operations to optimize process flow.

Continuous Support

Managing account configuration, establishing customer groups and providing comprehensive ongoing support.

Your Trusted Marketplace

Platform for Apps !




What our Client says

Team at Geekfactory never fails to provide me with their professional advice in the problems I faced. Upon engaging their services, they continue to diligently follow up with any changes and discussion to ensure the project is on the right track and being able to be delivered on time.  – Andy Low,  Goldbell

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